Avoid: Fellah Hotel, Marrakech

I've recommended the hotel in the past, because despite there having always been a few "issues" there, overall the hotel and the cause it supported were worth it.

Since my last visit in February, they've decided to go in a new direction and it is best avoided. 

It used to be a lovely hotel outside Marrakech, now it is on a good day a Club Med wannabe with prices that are a joke (Amanjena charges less for massages; the food at Fellah is Amanjena prices but airplane quality).

Whilst I can understand cost-cutting from a business point of view, when it leads to some pretty serious health and safety issues, it becomes a disaster. Another long term guest also checked out early, and I declined to stay even when they offered five complimentary nights - that's how bad it has become.

There are many, many other hotels around Marrakech that are both better and better value. The web site sadly in no way reflects the reality of Fellah Hotel any more.

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